Davy’s Process + Details

Davy only books 10-15 weddings per year.  This keeps his inspiration, craft, desire to overachieve, and energy on a premium level for each client.  On the contrary, shooting lots of weddings could leave one “burned out”, and “uninspired”.

Davy is an art director.  He directs while he works, which makes his portraits look and feel effortless.  You’ll find him shooting a mix of editorial, photo-journalistic, and timeless style… making his wedding galleries a perfect fit for all brides.

Davy has a passion for film photography.  However, he also carry’s digital cameras at his weddings.  He is a master of his craft and uses the medium that will deliver the best photographs to his clients based on all the variables (lighting, weather, etc..)

“Davy has an amazing eye for detail.” This is a common quote from clients we work with on wedding days.  He is OCD, which he says is good for his work.

In addition to portraits and candid moments, Davy delivers stunning detail photographs.  He knows how much time, energy, and passion you put into all your pretty details and he wants to document all these for you to remember.

Davy is also energetic, gets along with everyone, and is just a really fun guy to be around!

An investment with Davy begins at 9,500

An investment with Davy’s associate lands around 4-5,000

Davy is honored to have is work featured in many select publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Southern Weddings and The Knot.